Boualem Boashash

Boualem BoashashNon Executive Director

Emeritus Professor Boualem Boashash is currently  Emeritus Professor of Signal Processing & Biomedical Engineering at The University of Queensland, Australia. Professor Boualem is a veteran of education for more than 40 years teaching in France, Qatar, UAE and distinguished institutions in Australia such as The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Bond University.

Prof Boashash has authored a large number of innovative articles, research papers and books. Among others, he has authored several highly cited scientific papers in the field of Digital Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence and biomedicine, including his most recent book  “Time Frequency Signal Analysis and Processing”. His research work has been cited over 17,000 times with an h-index over 50.


Prof Boualem has consulted with a large number of institutions, entrepreneurs and ventures globally on artificial intelligence, software development, big data and signal processing. As baby boomer he realized that a lot of his customers were unable to find a profitable exit from their current ventures. He was inspired by the problem faced by his baby boomer customers and founded Exit Solutions Ltd to provide a profitable exit to entrepreneurs who are looking to exit from their current ventures.