Growth funding

Exit Readiness & Growth Services

When you receive  your exit readiness assessment report, you  will also  receive an offer to take you  on an exit readiness and growth plan. The plan will be designed to ensure that you will be ready to exit  within  a jointly agreed time that is  mutually beneficial. The plan will include services such as:

  • Corporate Performance Management Monthly Report and Review with your leadership team.
  • Operational Excellence Interventions in forms of quick fixes, quick wins and campaigns one per month.
  • Operational Controls Interventions designed to achieve cost reductions, growth or optimization opportunities review with monthly tracking.
  • Sales Growths through organic or inorganic means review with monthly tracking.
  • Value builder score tracking monthly and readiness to exit.


We have partnered with the following organizations to provide the exit readiness  and growth plan  package.

Value BuilderBSP Strategic
Operational ExcellenceEgnatium
Financial StatementsFinancial Statements
Corporate Performance ManagementEgnatium