Exit Readiness Assessment

This is a package of services we offer to assess if the target venture is ready to exit. You will get an exit readiness report which will tell you your score out of 100 points where you stand. To complete the readiness report you would be required to provide  us with the following information about your business.

  • Last 3 years of financial statements.
  • Business Plan for next 5 years
  • Valuation Report
  • Detailed Operational Reports about people, customers, supplier, processes, technology etc.

Based on past experience, very few organizations would have this information readily available; hence we have partnered with the following organizations to provide  these services and we can offer them as part of the exit readiness assessment package.

Valuation ReportBSP Strategic
Business PlanPlan Writers
Financial StatementsAccounting Biz Solution
Operational ExcellenceEgnatium