Exit Solutions has put together an eco-system of to identify, assess, fund, grow, support, buy and sell entrepreneurs and ventures that are ready or about ready to exit within 12-24 months.

Entrepreneurs who are thinking to exit within that time frame can connect with us today. The following are key services that Exit Solutions offers directly, through its subsidiaries or in partnership with vetted third parties.

Business Exit Education Services

Studies show that only 3 out of 10 entrepreneurs are thinking, planning and implementing and exit plan. Many thinking that they would want their kids to take over when kids are not keen or ready to take over.

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Exit Readiness Assessment

This is a package of services we offer to assess if the target venture is ready to exit. You will get an exit readiness report which will tell you your score out of 100 points where you stand.

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Exit Readiness & Growth Funding

Based on our past experience, a lot of businesses use operational cash to grow and that slows or even impacts the financial health and valuer of the business

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Exit Readiness & Growth Services

Upon receiving your exit readiness assessment report, you would have received an offer to take you one an exit readiness and growth plan.

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The Exit Solution

Upon graduation from the exit readiness and growth plan you would have an exit offer. The offer would come from Exit Solutions Ltd itself by making a definitive buying offer

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