Avana Financial Solutions Pty Ltd – AFSL No: 516325, was established by financial advisors and practitioners with individual experience of more that 20 years following the Banking Royal Commission. The outcomes of the Commission that were announced after February 2019 have changed financial planning and wealth management practices in Australia dramatically with the introduction of a new regulatory and legal environment.

Avana is a wholly owned subsidiary of Exit Solutions Ltd. Avana was established with the mission to design the future of financial advice and wealth management on a foundation of dependable and effective compliance.

Accounting Business Solutions Pty Ltd – Trive is an Australian integrated accounting services offering a wide range of accounting services for individuals and businesses under one roof.

Trive is a wholly owned subsidiary of Exit Solutions Ltd. Trive was established with the mission to tell your story timely and accurately through accounting .

Quantum Capital, Inc – QTCI-  is a Nevada state, USA, public trading company. It currently trades on OTC Markets under the symbol QTCI.  The company was first incorporated on 14 May 2009 under the name The Source Vitamin Company, Inc and on April 4, 2011 it changed its name to LTS Nutraceuticals, Inc and on January 15, it changed to current name.

The company  owns and operates the trading name and brand “Edunation”. The company is established with the purpose “to transfer practical, relevant and world class training to our students through strategic partnerships with industry leaders.”

3D Pioneer Systems, Inc., – DPSM is a publicly traded company incorporated in Nevada, USA since 2008. Early 2020 the company repositioned itself to become a digital asset and cybersecurity company.

DPSM`s purpose is “to protect digital assets of everyone.” DPSM offers various products and services to its target audience in one place to make it convenient and easy for its customers to deal with their digital assets and cybersecurity concerns.

The company is headquartered in Australia and aspires to become one stop digital asset and cybersecurity global company.

Trive Advice Solutions Pty Ltd is wholly owned subsidiary of Exit Solutions Ltd. Trive Advice is an authorized corporate representative (No 429100) of Avana Financial Solutions Pty Ltd -AFSL 516325.

Trive Advice focuses on providing clients with personal financial planning solutions to enable them to make informed financial decisions and secure their financial independence.

Trive Advice offers its services by qualified senior financial advisers who have been in the industry for more than 40 years.

Exit Capital Pty Ltd is wholly owned subsidiary of Exit Solutions Ltd. Exit Capital provides funding for in form of equity for companies that Exit Solutions onboards as clients to provide exit in order to enable them to prepare for their exit.

Smiles Inclusive Ltd (ASX:SIL)(subject to a deed of company arrangement)

Smiles Inclusive Limited offers specialist dental services. The Company provides operational dental practices, including surgery, reception, waiting rooms, dental support, and marketing services. Smiles Inclusive serves customers in Australia.

Loan Base is a modern and progressive mortgage finance broking firm based in Surry Hills, Sydney. We’re experienced in all aspects of residential and commercial lending and are passionately committed to providing you with valuable experience, knowledge and expertise to assist you in making some of the most important decisions in your life.