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Exit Solutions Ltd is an Australian public company, established with the mission to enable entrepreneurs a profitable exit from their exiting ventures.

Exit Solutions recognises that vast numbers of entrepreneurs plan to exit over the next 10 years and further that only 1 in 10 of those who plan to exit are currently proactively working towards this goal.

This global mega trend creates an immense opportunity for Exit Solutions to provide highly specialised professional services tailored towards preparing businesses for sale in a way that maximises both their attractiveness and value, and significantly increases their chances of achieving an optimal exit. Exit Solutions has amassed a substantial experience in processes and  tools for success in the field of value growth advisory.

One of these tools is the Value Builder System™ which assists Exit Solutions to initially measure the performance of a business against 8 drivers of value that are most important to acquirers when they buy a business.

Exit Solutions will then implement strategies aimed at improving the businesses performance against these same metrics – thereby driving up the value and attractiveness of the business over time in a highly structured and transparent manner.

In addition to providing value growth advisory services, Exit Solutions intends to provide business owners with a complete pathway to exit including acquisition of the business itself should it meet agreed performance milestones and align with the Exit Solutions acquisition strategy.


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